Owners of vehicles with final plate 1 registered in the State of São Paulo have until this Thursday 10th to pay the first installment of the IPVA Tax on the Property of Motor Vehicles 2022 The date also marks the end of the period for pay the tax with a 5 discount.

The exemption applies to all drivers who choose to pay the tax in full this month Those who paid the tax in full in January receive a 9 discount.

In practice for an owner of a vehicle valued at R 25 thousand he must pay an IPVA in the amount of R 1000 equivalent to 4 of the cars market value The discount when paying the full amount is equivalent to R 50 It is also possible to make the payment in five installment.

For owners of vehicles with final plate 2 the payment with a 5 discount continues until tomorrow 11 according to the calendar for the payment of IPVA which continues until February 23 SEE BELOW

Once again the São Paulo State Finance Department did not send the tax collection slip to the drivers homes IPVA can be paid at lottery houses selfservice terminals internet banking or bank branches.

Therefore it is necessary to have the Renvam National Motor Vehicle Registry number of the car in hand to check the full value and installments of IPVA 2022 at an accredited bank agency or directly on the website of the Secretary of Finance

Owners who fail to pay the tax will be subject to a penalty of 033 per day of delay and interest based on the Selic rate After 60 days the percentage of the fine becomes 20 of the total amount of tax due

Failure to pay IPVA prevents the vehicle from being relicensed After the deadline set by the Detran for licensing the vehicle may be seized with a fine imposed by the traffic authority and seven points on the CNH National Drivers License.

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