The Mountain Grove Board of Aldermen heard updates on renovation projects during its second regular February meeting. City Administrator Tim Schook reported that the city hall roof project has been completed. Security renovations for the city hall have been started and it was hoped the security renovations would allow operation in approximately four weeks.

“I want a panic button up there. It would alert the police…It could be as simple as a doorbell,” Schook stated. He indicated that work on the tennis courts is waiting on the weather. He stated that he felt that the weather would now allow for some work to start.

Schook indicated that the city is considering combining the budgets of the city pool and golf course projects into one budget figure ($253,000). He stated that between the two projects with the air conditioning, electrical, concrete and materials for the clubhouse, the city will have a cost of approximately $108,000, and the pool expenditures will be about $100,000.

Schook said that the city rejected the bid for the erection of the building and that the city will erect the building to save money and to get the project started. He pointed out that the dry wall finishing will be bid out. The air conditioning, electrical and concrete will be contracted out, he said.

Schook stated that the city will do the plumbing.

When the concrete work is done they will be ready to start the project and would like to see it finished by July 1, hopefully before that, he stated.

A question was asked about the housing for the rental carts at the golf course when the current clubhouse is torn down. The carts are currently housed in the basement of the building. It was indicated that there is enough empty cart sheds to handle these carts.

“There is not enough money in the budget at this time for a cart shed,” Schook said.

There was also a discussion concerning no parking signs on W. North St. from Carlos St. to Busch St. It was indicated that it had earlier been decided to not allow parking on either side of the street and that there are no signs indicating no parking.

It was pointed out that when there is a sporting event at the golf course, such as a cross country meet, and people park on both sides of W. North St., it is difficult to drive through.

The city will place signs at the location, Schook said.

There was also a question of if the city auditor would present the audit report at a meeting. Schook stated that he would attempt to have them present the report at a meeting.

Schook also stated he had attended the regional SCOCOG meeting and that they have good ideas for business development and he plans on working with them in this area.

Schook also gave the aldermen a draft copy of the proposed changes to the fireworks ordinance. He also stated that the city will get an electronic copy of the code book.

“I think it’s important to put this on the internet and our website so that the public has access to it and doesn’t have to necessarily come in to city hall to look it up,” he said.

The Downtown Market Place will add Tuesday to the days it will be on the Mountain Grove City Square selling garden produce and other items from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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