Passengers were shocked to see that the United Airlines pilot was replacing a window before takeoff from Dallas to Denver. Toddler expert Kristin Gallant shared a video that caught where the pilot is changing a window on her Instagram stories.

That video clearly shows that the pilot is fixing the interior side of the window. Now, the question has been raised is before few minutes of takeoff, sitting and fixing the window of a plane. Here, in this video, pilot is seen like holding the window seal.

Also, she mentioned that the pilot can replace the window and is it expected to deal like this? However, when it comes to plane landing, there wasn’t any issue. After safely reaching the destination, she added this to her story. In this case, after the video went viral among social media platforms, a united representative clearly stated that the video mainly showed a plastic ring known as the bezel. It is a cosmetic and is not required for safe operation of the respective aircraft.

The thing is yet to be clarified that what kind of place was included. Also, you need to know that the incident mainly occurs when a series of aviation safety-related incidents witness the headlines. Recently, we saw that the video online terrified people as it clearly showed the Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 engine was ripped off during the time of takeoff.

However, later, the plane goes for an emergency landing after 25 minutes of takeoff. In this case, Federal Aviation Administration mentioned that the part of the aircraft is clearly the engine cowling. Yes, it was detached and struck the wing flaps of the plane.

However, as per the sources, US airline regulators have clearly launched the investigation. On the other hand, in January 2024, Alaska Airlines underwent an emergency landing in Portland, where the door panel blustered mid-flight. So, the series of such incidents are continuously happening and people are claiming for the safety plan travelling.

However, the recent incident on the window replacement issue is spreading wildfire, and people are closely looking into it. Recently, we can see various issues getting hit by the people as it clearly shares the awareness about this type of incidents. People are hoping that these related issues will be avoided in the future as it will have a solution.

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