On the other hand, the Special Plan for the Old Town consolidates the 296 historic buildings in the area, including the port, which must maintain their characteristic architectural elements. However, some changes are allowed, such as, for example, that of flat roofs (roofs) with sloping ones.

The Special Plan for the Old Part will also allow the replacement of the “most degrading identified” elements, such as the smoke extraction ducts attached to exterior facades, the constructions that invade the setback strips or the “inadequate constructions” in the public thoroughfare.

LIFTS IT also allows and regulates the caissons necessary to install lifts in buildings that lack them, in order to improve the habitability of homes.

In addition, the document proposes to prohibit cables and installations on the facades and regulates the implementation of awnings and advertising posters.

The director of Environmental Quality and Circular Economy of the Department of Environment of the Basque Government, Javier Agirre Orcajo, has signed a resolution on the Special Plan of the Old Town, which determines that the aforementioned work must undergo an ordinary strategic environmental evaluation because ” it cannot be ruled out that it may have significant effects on the environment. ”

The environmental assessment should focus, among other issues, on the possibility of creating an underground car park at the La Lasta dock, the expansion of the Urgull schools and the coverage of the Plaza de la Trinidad, among other aspects.

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