The Special Plan for the Protection of the Monumental Complex of the Old Town proposes the construction of an underground parking lot at the La Lasta dock, the esplanade located between the current sports basin and the wall of the San Sebastian port.

Access to the underground would run between the City Council and the Nautical Club building, according to the document, which is now subject to the mandatory environmental report of the Basque Government.

The creation of an underground car park at the dock is one of the actions that could be carried out in the event that the Basque Government, competent in matters of Ports and responsible for the designated space, chooses to carry it out.

The sea level in the area makes it difficult for this parking lot to have more than one floor, according to experts.

The current criteria of the Donostia City Council to avoid the entry of cars in the city center collide with the launch of new underground parking lots in the area, at least in rotation.

Yes, it could fall within the current philosophy of the municipal department of Mobility if it were intended for the residents of the area.

On the other hand, the Special Plan of the Old Town also foresees other proposals such as the expansion of the school plot of the ikastola Orixe de Urgull and authorizes the coverage of part of the Plaza de la Trinidad, an old claim of the neighborhood associations that However, it was parked for reasons of protection of the Historical Heritage.

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