Covid-19, driven by the Ômicron variant, begins to be reflected in the increase in the number of deaths. According to data from Our World in Data, a project linked to the English University of Oxford, 14,300 deaths were recorded worldwide in the last 24 hours.

That number is the highest since May 7, 2021, when India was being hit hard by the Delta variant, and Brazil by the Gama variant. The growth was also pointed out by the weekly epidemiological bulletin of the WHO (World Health Organization), which reported a 9% increase in the number of victims of Covid-19.

Deaths have risen to 59,000 global occurrences, and newly diagnosed cases totaled 22 million last week, according to the organization’s report. The total number of cases since the pandemic began two years ago has exceeded 370 million, while reported deaths are 5.6 million.

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The weekly number of Covid-19 deaths has advanced sharply in Southeast Asia, particularly India, with an increase of 41% from the previous week, followed by the Eastern Mediterranean region (32%) and the Americas (16%).

Africa was the only region to report a reduction in deaths (7%), while the incidence of deaths remained at the same levels as the previous week in Europe and the Western Pacific, which includes China and other Asian countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia, beyond Australia.

By country, the United States, India, Russia, Brazil and Italy concentrate the highest numbers of deaths.

On the other hand, the epidemiological bulletin reveals that, according to the results of the genetic sequencing carried out in the last 30 days and which are now in the reference bank, Ômicron already represents 93.3% of all samples collected and found in at least 57 countries.

Delta, which was prevalent until a few weeks ago, now accounts for just 6.7% of confirmed cases.

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