Tesla will try its luck in the flying car market in 2050, according to Morgan Stanley. Tesla Will Try Its Luck In Mark1199 Flying Car Market In 2050.

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas believes that Tesla’s next venture will likely be flying cars, he said in a note to clients distributed Thursday.

Although he admits that Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk have never mentioned their intention to build a flying car, Jonas believes that the synergies between this type of product and autonomous driving, electric vehicles and battery technology are too great. to ignore them .

“The possibility that Tesla will not finally offer products and services to the flying car market is remote. The potential for transfer of skills and network adjacencies are too strong to ignore,” justifies this analyst.

That said, it is true that Musk, who has been a supporter of autonomous vehicles, tunnels and space travel, has in the past ruled out betting on flying cars. Still, Jonas insists that he is not convinced this is going to be the case. Tesla Will Try Its Luck In Mark1199 Flying Car Market In 2050

In fact, this analyst, known for long-term speculation about the trajectory of Tesla’s business, believes that a portion of the flying car market could be worth between $ 100 and $ 1,000 per share for Tesla , which would eventually have access to a market total potential for all its products of $ 9 trillion in 2050.

“We find possible preliminary results of the order of $ 100 per Tesla share at the low end to about $ 1,000 per share (or more) at the high end,” calculates this expert.

Mind you, for now, given the level of speculation, Jonas excludes this potential deal from his price target for the company of $ 900 . Tesla Will Try Its Luck In Mark1199 Flying Car Market In 2050.

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