A sergeant from the Federal District Military Police was arrested this Tuesday morning 16 during an operation coordinated by the Division for Repression of Robbery and Theft DRF Corpatri of the DF Civil Police.

Investigated for loan sharking threats extortion and money laundering Ronie Peter Fernandes da Silva is suspected of moving millions of reais into accounts of a criminal group that operated with him The agents arrested another five people including Thiago Fernandes da Silva Ronies brother.

The investigations began after numerous accusations received by the Civil Police pointing to Ronie and Thiago as authors of usury and extortion in the DF According to the R7 found the pair took cars and properties from victims who were unable to pay the debts and interest charged The movement for the loan of money was made mainly in the suspects houses in Vicente Pires Ronie used the power of a police officer to make the threats and Thiago was the most aggressive in collecting debts according to the investigation.

To try to make the loan sharks profit look legal Ronie and Thiago had the support of a money laundering criminal network according to investigations Among the strategies were the purchase of luxury vehicles which were placed in the name of third parties and financial transactions from four companies in Claras and Vicente Pires

An aesthetics store in Claras which has a monthly turnover of approximately R110000 would be one of the companies used for the groups illicit activity The owner of the site Campelo handled R 88 million in personal accounts between January and August of this year according to the results.

A market in Taguatinga in the name of Ronie Thiago and their father Djair Baia da Silva also entered the police target Between February and August of this year the company which has monthly sales of approximately R 30 thousand moved around R 85 million These companies transacted with each other and sent money.

Over the past two years the group has purchased eight Porsche branded vehicles each valued at approximately R1 million During investigations the police discovered that the suspects made two withdrawals of large amounts from bank branches in the DF In one of them R 800 thousand were withdrawn and in the other R 530 thousand.

In the operation triggered by the PCDF on Tuesday Porsche brand vehicles and a BMWX4 were seized The vehicles are valued at around R 3 million The Court also authorized the blocking of R 8 million in physical and legal accounts.

The arrest and search and seizure warrants were authorized by the judge of the Criminal Court of Claras and carried out by the PCDF in Vicente Pires Taguatinga and São Paulo The suspect who would be arrested in Paulo was not located by the police

The name of the operation launched by the Division of Repression to Robbery and Theft this Tuesday SOS Malibu is a reference to a vehicle store opened in the name of Thiago Fernandes da Silva brother of Ronie Peter.

Created on August 8 of this year Malibu is located in Taguatinga and is declared a microenterprise with a share capital of R200000 The name is also stamped on a speedboat used by Ronie and Thiago on Lake.

The R7 contacted the DF Military Police and Ronie Peters lawyer and is awaiting their return The report also tries to contact the other suspects.

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