Beneficiaries will be able to consult information about the program through the Caixa Tem application by Caixa.

According to the model maintains four other functions of the aid granted as a way to minimize the effects of the pandemic by Covid19 Beneficiaries can pay bank slips and utility bills transfer values purchases with a virtual debit card or QR Code and withdraw from the account without using a card.

The resources will always be available during the last ten working days of each month always according to the NIS Social Identification Number number The first to receive support will be those who have the NIS ending 1 The calendar for this month will end on the 30th In December the benefit will be paid between the 10th and the 23rd

Anyone who was already enrolled in Bolsa does not need to register again to receive According to GuimarĂ£es migration occurs automatically with a monthly reassessment of the criteria for each beneficiary by the Ministry of Citizenship and Dataprev The government had announced that 146 million families would undergo the transition from the programs without the need for reregistration.

In this first stage the average amount of aid will be R 218 The governments expectation is that this amount will rise to the R 400 promised at the launch of the program For this the to depends on the approval of the PEC dos in two rounds in the Senate The proposal which was approved in the Chamber allows the government to expand by R 916 billion the space to spend on the 2022 budget election year The justification is that the project is necessary to make the execution of the feasible

To raise the value of the benefit the government needs to get the PEC approved this year A provision in the electoral law prevents an increase in income transfers during the election year The mechanism aims precisely to prevent the use of the public machine to benefit the candidate seeking reelection leading to an imbalance in the dispute.

Families in situations of extreme poverty per capita income of up to R 100 can receive Brazil Aid Families in a situation of poverty per capita income up to R 200 will be entitled to payment if there are pregnant women or people aged up to 21 incomplete.

Last week the President of the Republic Jair Bolsonaro sanctioned two laws to make the execution of the program feasible One of them opens a credit of R 936 billion to the Social Security Budget of the Union and the other changes the Pluriannual Plan PPA 20202023 including the benefit.

The creation of special credit in favor of the Ministry of Citizenship allows for the reallocation of the Bolsa balance to measure avoids the sterilization of the budgetary resources of the cash transfer program.

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