A California startup wants to be the first company in the world to supply lab grown salmon meat to be served in Japanese restaurants Wild type announced a partnership with a small restaurant chain in more than 1230 supermarkets and grocery stores and another with 65 midrange restaurants to supply the product.

According to the US press Wild type and six partners are only awaiting a release for the marketing and consumption of meat made through cell reproduction by the FDA the US federal agency responsible for food and medicine to put the cultivated sushi on the market.

Wild type salmon does not need to be farm raised or fished It is created from live Pacific salmon cells in equipment called bioreactors which are similar to beer fermentation tanks After reproducing the cells are placed on structures where they grow into pieces of fish meat.

According to Justin one of the founders of Wild type farmed salmon tastes looks and has nutritional value including omega3 levels similar to freshly caught fish but without the contaminants that can occur in the wild and in captivity such as micro-plastics mercury and antibiotics.

The idea of investing in the process to grow salmon meat is due to the fact that it is the second most consumed seafood product in the US after shrimp because it is sought after for its nutritional value and versatility And also for predatory fishing in the wild says the businessman to the website.

The company still needs to pass the regulatory phase and obtain FDA approval before it can market the product So far the only country that has authorized the sale of cell cultured meat is Singapore

Meanwhile Wild type seeks to expand its production to meet the North American market The first plant in San Francisco currently grows about 225 tons of the product a year but it should be increased to about 100 tons if the FDA clears the sale

We been in contact with the FDA since 2019 and were impressed with the speed and care with which they handling cellular agriculture added, It can be used just like conventional salmon in typical sushi dishes and were sure people will love it says Kolbeck.

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