It is a stoppage and in all activities In the customs area this is not a stoppage it is a standard operation that is it is an increase in rigor which ends up taking longer directed at importing and exporting cargo There will be no impact on the travelers or passengers life Zero impact Be calm travel calm.

Among the points approved at the union assembly are also the suspension of all national and regional projects of the Operational Plan as well as the determination that all Project Managers request their prompt dismissal and the non completion of activity reports RHAF FRA RIT

The act also takes place in protest against cuts in the agency budget by the government while this took place at Carf the Federal Police for example had R 17 billion allocated to readjustments.

The National Sindifisco Union of Tax Auditors of the Federal Revenue informed that the number of members leaving office could still increase Carf is responsible for judging in second instance cases related to tax and customs situations Waivers may paralyze the judgment of appeals that are on the agenda.

This decision aims to support the various actions of the same nature that are taking place in all tax regions within the scope of the Federal Revenue of Brazil and aims to increase the number of tax auditors and tax analysts.

Aware of their responsibilities and the complexity of their attributions as well as the growing positive results resulting from the dedication and quality of the work carried out are increasingly perplexed by the negligence of the federal government state the servers in a letter of collective resignation to the president of CARF Adriana Gomes

We understand that the current situation proves to be incompatible with the exercise of our functions for which reason we request the waiver of the mandate we are currently performing and the request for the waiver of the specialist function completes the letter from the servers.

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