He had a stable job and a decent salary. The hunger of the pandemic led her to prostitute herself.

We take you into the great Tijuana business that is not talked about in public: this is how sex workers survive and their clients act.

There is no social distancing possible in this job. Some clients wear hand gel and face masks, but others pounce on the woman as soon as they enter.

They call it the largest brothel in the world and the pandemic has not been able to stop the endless cycle of sex for money. Telemundo News Research delved into a vital business for Tijuana, Mexico: prostitution .

Although bars and clubs have closed, brothels continue to operate, customers continue to seek paid sex, and sex workers need – more than ever – money to survive .

Natalia, a 24-year-old trans woman, came to Tijuana from the state of Guerrero in 2017 with the hope of improving her financial situation. She worked as a singer-songwriter in a bar. She played Gloria Trevi, Mónica Naranjo and Alejandra Guzmán. He had a steady job and a salary of about $ 1,000 a month.

But the pandemic stopped everything and he saw no alternative . He knows that he could become ill at any moment and is terrified to think that he could infect his sister and nephews.

Listen, in our podcast I was there, what Natalia is on the front line, as a sex worker .

The correspondent Aldo Meza talks with our presenter, Julio Vaqueiro, about what he found in Tijuana.

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