Novaya Gazeta journalists have experienced harassment threats violence and in the worst case murder The best known internationally now just 15 years ago was that of Ana Politkovskaja author of revealing information about the war in Chechnya But not only she lost her life Five other companions were also killed It was precisely to all of them that the Muratov award was dedicated yesterday

The editorinchief now a Nobel Peace Prize winner never hesitated to abandon the policy of independence defending the right of journalists to write what they want about whatever they want as long as they respect the ethical and professional standards of journalism argues the Norwegian committee awarding the award

The Kremlins congratulations to the winner deserves special mention The spokesman for the Russian Presidency Dimitri Peskov has described Muratov as a brave man who works according to his ideals

The members of the committee have considered that free independent and factbased journalism serves as protection against abuse of power lies and propaganda Freedom of expression and information helps to ensure an informed public they argue adding These rights are crucial requirements for democracy and provide protection against war and conflict

To end its argument the committee assures that without freedom of expression and of the press it will be difficult to successfully promote freedom between nations disarmament and a better world order This years award he adds is firmly anchored in the provisions of Alfred Nobels will

A total of 329 candidates of which 234 are individuals and 95 organizations were nominated to receive the most prestigious award for peaceful initiatives

Although the identities of the members of this list remain secret for the 50 years following their nomination it is common for some of the names of the most likely characters to be transcended

As on this occasion forecasts often fail This year on this list were the World Health Organization WHO environmental activist Greta Thunberg Russian opponent Alekséi Navalni and the antiracism movement Black Lives Matter

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